Heat is the next step on from our EVERYWOMAN course. It is part of the Holistic Core Restore ® tribe of classes. So these have a focus on your pelvic floor and building your body up so it is functional for life!

If you have any pelvic floor concerns/prolapse/diastasis recti or have had a baby in the past 12 weeks then this is not for you. Please contact Priya to discuss the Everywoman course. It is imperitive you get your foundation sorted first before adding in the impact.

Heat can be run as a weekly online class, contact Priya to book on. Meanwhile, here are a selection of videos to get you in the mood!


If you have done Everywoman you will have all of this:

  • Resistance band
  • Soft Pilates ball (could use a cushion)
  • Broom stick
  • Yellow band with handles (or use a long resistance band/2 tied together)
  • Loop (or used a resistance band tied up)